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  • Chamomile

100% Certified organic Chamomile


Matricaria recutita


This grayish-green herb is indigenous to Europe, Western Asia, and in the United States, and Australia.  It grows wild to a height up to 100 cm on roadsides, meadows, fields, and mountain slopes.  This aromatic, bitter tasting sedative is used traditionally for gastrointestinal conditions.  The fragrant is used in perfumes, soaps, creams and in baking goods.  Clinical studies have suggested chamomile to be a good cancer chemo-preventive agent and used is as an anti-tumor drug.  Chamomile is also used for fungal infections, for inflammation, dermatitis and to reduce anxiety and stress.  Studies had good results with use of a topical chamomile ointment for the management of persistent skin lesions.   No known contra-indications, this herb may be dosed as in infusion 2-6 ounces as needed.


German Chamomile contains volatile oils (proazulenes, farnesine, alpha-bisabolol, spiroether), flavonoids, bitter glycosides, and coumarins. Studies show it to be effective in treating wounds, colic, and for physical and emotional symptoms of PMS. It is beneficial for digestion in cases of gas, pain, acidity, bloating, ulcers, Crohn’s disease, and IBS. It is an antispasmodic, relaxing tense muscles and reducing irritability. It is antiallergenic in hay fever and asthma, as well as soothing in sore, itchy skin such as in eczema and sore nipples.


Insomnia with indigestion and epigastric fullness.

Simple nervous dyspepsia from agitation.

Nausea, general anesthetic.

Eczema, in general (as a bath).

Hair tonic.

As a bath in arthritis.

Gout, for inflammation (as a bath).

Muscular pain, as a poultice or fomentation.

Colic in infants, with crying, agitated, hysterical.

Fever in infants, agitated and hysterical with pain on palpitation of hypochondrium or epigastric region.

Headache in children with moist skin, hot head.

Infant teething, with usual agitation and GI disturbances.

Vomiting in children, with green diarrhea.


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