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Integrative Medicine Consultation:

60 min. ($65)

During your private consultation we will discuss your health history, address your current health concerns, and create easy to follow plans to support your body’s innate healing.   We offer evidence-based and scientifically tested information to support your healing process and provide you with the most up-to-date effective and safe botanical remedies.  Herbal medicine is a safe and reliable form of health-care even when complementing pharmaceutical use. Whether you have a chronic ailment or acute symptoms, Botanical medicine acts quickly and gently when used appropriately. Let us help you create informed health choices with the support of plant-based medicines.




Naturopathic Medicine Intake:

75-90 Minutes ($195)  Currently only $150!

During you intake you will meet with a licensed naturopathic doctor who will take a thorough  personal and family health history. Dr. Wallace will get to know you in a holistic manner, assessing your current digestive health, mental health, sleep hygiene, nutritional status and detoxification pathways.  After your intake, you will receive a comprehensive physical exam and have laboratory and imaging ordered as needed. Dr. Wallace will interpret your results from an alternative perspective providing you with additional insight into your health that a conventional doctor may not have. After receiving a functional diagnosis, you will be provided a treatment plan that serves to optimize your healing potential. Treatments may include nutritional medicine, herbal medicine, detoxification treatments, elimination diets, constitutional hydrotherapy and physical medicine. She is able to diagnose and treat a wide range of acute and chronic disease. Common conditions that benefit from naturopathic medicine include digestive diseases, autoimmune disease, skin conditions, allergies, chronic infections (such as lyme, herpes, EBV), heart disease, and respiratory diseases. Almost any person can benefit from consulting with a naturopathic doctor.

Note on Insurance: Although we do not bill insurance, you will be provided with a superbill. This will allow you to file a claim with your insurance who may cover your appointment as an out of network service. Laboratory services will be billed by the contracted labs and are often covered by patient’s insurance.


The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage (MAM) 
Please note we offer a sliding scale for pricing so that everyone in our community is able to receive this healing work.
This specialized ancient healing technique offers a holistic approach to health and wellness. Our non-invasive, external massage nurtures reproductive and digestive health by massaging the abdomen, low back and hips. For women’s reproductive health, MAM gently corrects the alignment of the uterus, ovaries and pelvic structures to ensure optimal blood flow, lymph circulation and Qi. Relieving many symptoms of PMS, painful periods, irregular cycles and low back ache, MAM is also used as treatment for endometriosis, ovarian cysts, fibroids and infertility. For the digestive system, MAM proves to ease problems related to irritable bowel syndrome, heart burn, Crohn’s disease and hemorrhoids. Traditionally used to enhance fertility, the massage also is practiced during the 2nd. and 3rd. trimesters of pregnancy, and as part of post-natal rejuvenation.

Initial MAM Consultation: 120 min. ($125) 
Your initial consultation gives time to review your health history, create customized herbal medicine formulas, and receive the healing massage. The use of Copal, Rosemary and Sage bundles, Castor oil packs infused with herbs, Moxa bustion, Yoni steams and healing baths make this our most popular treatment. Three sessions are recommended to learn life-long healing techniques.

Follow-up MAM: 90 min ($100) 4-pack ($370 )
During your second session we will teach you self-care massage techniques so you will be able to continue the healing work at home and build the confidence to hold your health in your hands. Most women continue to receive the massage on an on-going basis particularly when treating more chronic health issues.


Holistic Fertility Package First-time: $600 (savings of $165)

Holistic Fertility incorporates Maya abdominal massage, herbal medicine, nutrition and Iyengar yoga therapy. This comprehensive approach to enhance your fertility has proven to have an outstanding success rate and is beneficial to women of all ages, including women utilizing IUI, IVF and Donor eggs. This complete package is custom tailored to your unique phase of reproduction as we work closely with you to follow your health, watch your body change and enjoy the miracle of life!

Holistic Fertility Package includes:

  • Initial MAM appointment ($125 value)
  • MAM follow-up 4-pack ($380 value)
  • Iyengar Yoga Private 60min. sessions 4-pack ($260 value)


Holistic Fertility offers you a savings of over $165 for the complete package.
Package services must be redeemed within six months of purchase.


Prenatal Massage 60 min ($70)

90 min ($100)

Our Prenatal massage is specialized for each stage of your pregnancy.  techniques are adapted from the first trimester to support your emotional vitality and physical energy.  The second trimester massage focuses on the changes of your growing belly, with the third trimester in focused on maintaining health and preparing for birth.  We integrate nutritional support, herbal medicine awareness and uterine alignment to enhance the health and function of your pregnancy.  Beware, this massage has been named “addictive!” 



Ayurvedic Post-Partum Massage 60 min ($70) 90 min ($100)

Our Post-partum massage integrated therapeutic touch including Ayurvedic techniques and Maya Abdominal Massage.  Ayurveda says that post-partum women have an increased Vata energy which presents itself as high-adrenaline, sleep disturbances, emotional imbalance and an overall sense of unease.  Our Ayurvedic/Mayan postpartum massage includes Certified Organic Sesame warming oils, hot stones, warm castor oil packs with medicinal oils and hot towels to deeply penetrate the body.  Our postpartum massage accelerates the healing process by soothing sore muscles strained during birth and helps mama’s feel refreshed even with the lack of sleep. Postpartum massage can help encourage the new mother’s body to come back to its pre-pregnancy posture by supporting the alignment of abdominal organs and pelvis.  Our massage relieves fatigue in muscles that are over worked from feeding and caring for a newborn baby with deep soothing massage strokes.   The post-partum time is incredibly sacred as a woman goes through physical, emotional and lifestyle changes from pregnancy to motherhood, post-partum massage is a must and is incredibly supportive for mama’s during this time.  Mom’s are encouraged to bring their new-born baby with them as a nursing schedule may not be established.  Babies typically sleep during the sessions, but mama can always bring baby to the table to soothe and nurse during the massage.

Post-Cesarean Massage



 Constitutional Hydrotherapy:

 1hr 15 minutes ($75) Package of 6 treatments with brief a follow-up at each appointment for $425!

 Hydrotherapy treatment is a traditional method that truly draws on the self-healing potential. This treatment uses alternating hot and cold wet applications to the abdomen to stimulate blood flow to the vital organs such as the digestive tract, liver, kidneys, heart, and reproductive organs. The hot application brings fresh blood into the area and the cold application flushes that blood out. This contrast of hot and cold facilitates digestion, modifies immune function and encourages detoxification through the lymphatic system.

 - Acute treatments aid in the quick recovery up upper respiratory infections, and acute digestive issues.

-  Helpful for patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Chron disease and more.

- Beneficial for most Chronic disease including: Allergies, Autoimmune disease, Asthma, Small Intestinal Bowel Overgrowth, Obesity, Acne, Psoriasis, Eczema and much more.

Ion Foot Bath Cell Cleanse – $45

Holistic Pathways is now offering the Alimtox Ion Foot Bath Cell Cleanse! This clinically proven foot bath uses negative ions to support the body’s ability to eliminate metabolic waste from the lymph system into the elminatory organs including the colon, bladder and skin. It also helps to balance the body’s pH levels and neutralize free radicals, reducing cellular damage from oxidative stress. Benefits from this treatment include improved energy levels, pain relief, and increased function in all body systems at a cellular level.
Take advantage of our summer pricing! We are offering 30 minute sessions, normally a $45 value, for just $25! Call today to schedule your appointment and experience the healing energy of the ionic cellular cleanse.




Additional Treatments Utilized Include:

Nutritional Medicine

Proper nutrition is extremely important to establish the foundation of health. We believe that the best diet is a sustainable and individualized diet. All diets must emphasize whole foods from quality sources. However, the details of one’s diet should be based on individual needs and health concerns. Together we will determine what changes need to be made to your diet and work together to overcome barriers you may encounter to the diet. Nutraceutical preparations may be added to the treatment plan in order to correct deficiencies in the patient’s diet and/or environment. In addition, potent nutritional medicines may be necessary due to the one’s genetics, lifestyle, and past exposures. 

-  MTHFR genetic testing and B vitamin optimization for cardiovascular and mental health. 

-  B vitamin Injections for energy, metabolism and mental health. 

-  Amino acid therapy for pain and mental health.

-  Elimination and detoxification diets for allergies, chronic diseases and weight loss.

- Counseling on specific diets for particular health concerns (Specific Carbohydrate Diet, theWhole30diet, the Mediterranean diet) 

Herbal Medicine

Through the use of individualized herbal preparations we work to stimulate the health of patients and decrease symptoms. There are many over the counter herbal preparations on the market that do not take this individualized approach. We draw on extensive knowledge of herbs and pharmaceuticals to make sure you are receiving only safe and effective herbal medicine. We offer individualized tinctures and teas to increase your healing potential.

Physical Medicine

Soft tissue techniques, spinal mobilizations/manipulations and therapeutic exercises will be used to support the strengthening and healing of the musculoskeletal system. 

Homeopathic Medicine

Specific homeopathic medications may be used to stimulate the self-healing and to align imbalances in the bodies energetic system. Such medicine can provide shifts in old patterns that are affecting the physical and emotional wellbeing of the patient. We provide individualized homeopathic recommendations based on constitutional symptoms