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  • Yellowdock

100% Certified Organic Yellowdock


Rumex crispus 

Though a valuable herb, yellow dock is often combined with other alternative herbs such as burdock root and dandelion root. Its gentle laxative action makes it a valuable reedy for constipation, particularly when combined with changes to diet such as increased bulk and fiber.


Atonic colon with solitary red eruptions of buttocks, shoulders.

Chronic constipation with atonic gastric functions, eruptions on face, neck, back, or buttocks.

Dyspepsia with sluggish liver and portal circulation (with Collinsonia).

Steatorrhea, with ileocecal irritability; or with eruptions on face, neck, back, or buttocks.

Acne, with few large eruptions on face, neck, and buttocks.

Eczema, pustular with boil cycles.

Eczema, with chronic poor fat digestion, dry skin.

Chronic psoriasis, when irritable bowel syndrome or colitis triggers acute episode.

Thin, subanemic blood.

Nutritional malabsorption in poor absorption in ileum of bile acids, fat soluble vitamins, intrinsic factor or B12.

Metabolic debility, with chronic skin disorders, ulceration easily disordered fluid homeostasis.


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