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A Native American herb, skullcap was traditional taken for menstrual problems. It was also used in purification ceremonies when menstrual taboos had been broken. Skullcap became well known in the 19th-century America as a treatment for rabies, hence its folk name mad dog. Today it is mainly used as a tonic and sedative for the nerves in times of stress.


Herpes, early nerve pain, before eruptions.

Supportive for other measures; anxiety syndromes in chronic cardiopathies.

Functional neurocirculatory disorders; palpitations in evening with emotional agitation.

Sydenham’s chorea.

Convulsions, when other medications may not be necessary.

Delirium tremens in sthenics.

Epilepsy, when aura is present but condition is marginal for standard medication; petit mal while sleeping.

Insomnia in sthenic individual, or from exhaustion following excitement; wakefulness in chronic disorders.

Multiple sclerosis, agitated and irritable from distress and fear.

Trigeminal neuralgia.

Puritus senilis, with itching.

Depression with physical agitation, over-sensitivity to stimulus.

Hysteria with great over-sensitivity to stimulus.

Pain, neurogenic, with agitation and increased CNS sensitivity.

Pain, made less bearable by fear, agitation.


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