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Lobelia is a powerful antispasmodic used for respiratory and muscles disorders. In common with the other Lobelia species, it was a traditional Native American remedy for many conditions. It was used as a “puke weed” to induce vomiting, as a remedy for worms and venereal disease, and as an expectorant. Lobelia was also smoked as a substitute for tobacco, and was reputed to share some of its magical qualities.


Tongue full white coated, especially heavy in the back.

Onset of head cold, dry with irritative cough.

Extrinsic asthma with dry spastic cough.

Asthma with albuminuria.

Recuperating bronchitis with congestion, hypersecretion, post-febrile.

Chronic bronchitis with profuse secretions.


Acute cough, moist, persistent; after pneumonia with difficult expectoration; or after fever, dry.

Chronic cough with debility.

Dyspnea after bronchitis of pneumonia perhaps with copious or difficult expectoration.

Influenza, dry, hot, asecretory (combine with Capsicum).

Angina pectoris- vasomotoria (false) with slow pulse, precordial heaviness, mild general cardiac neuralgia.

Convulsions, when other medication may not be necessary.

Cholecystalgia, general antispasmodic.

Antispasmodic strangury.

Chronic anorexia with depressed autonomic and myenteric stimulation.

Atonic colon without inflammation but marbly hard feces.

Labor, rigidity of cervix, thick, doughy.

Cervix rigid, thick, doughy.

Cough in infants, with acute laryngitis and wheezing, or with spasms.

Measles with imperfect or tardy eruption, dry irritable cough.

Metabolic debility, with vague, adrenergic- induced depression.

Depression with shallow respiration, rapid pulse, dilated pupils.

Convulsive hysteria.


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