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  • Elder Berries

100% Certified organic Elder Berries


Sambucus nigra


This berry is currently under ongoing research validating its medicinal potential, safety and efficiency.  Historically elderberry was used for treatment of cold-like symptoms and has since expanded to prevention and treatment of influenza A and B, sinusitis, and herpes simplex virus.  One study through the Journal of Internal MedicineResearch evaluated 60 patients ranging ages 18-54 suffering from influenza-like symptoms for 48 hours or less. This double-blind study gave 15 ml of elderberry syrup or placebo syrup 4 times/day for 5 days and recorded their symptoms.  Results showed that symptoms were relieved on average, 4 days earlier and pharmaceutical medicine was significantly less with those receiving elderberry compared with placebo. Another study supports elderberry as an efficient inhibitory agent against gram positive Streptococcus pyoogenes, gram negative bacterium Branhamella catarrhalis, and group C and G Streptococci.  This inhibitory effect prevented 2 different strains of influenza virus for H2N1 type influenza. Suggested dosage is 2-4 ounces of standard infusion or 1-2 ounces of cold  infusion, both to 3 times/day.  Elderberry offers an efficient, safe, and cost effective preventative and treatment option for viruses.

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Elder Berries

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