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Devil’s Club is a well known medicinal herb among northern North American Natives and is used by  these populations for treating many ailments including arthritis, fever, diabetes, and both the treatment and prevention of cancer. It is a close relative of Eleuthero (sometimes referred to as Siberian ginseng) and has similar adaptogenic properties. As such, it’s used to treat adrenal exhaustion, autoimmune diseases, and aids in both physical and mental stress adaptation.

It is currently best known as a treatment for insulin-resistant diabetes but is also showing good evidence in cancer treatment. A 2013 study looked at compounds currently only found only in Devil’s Club and found “strong antiproliferative effects in human colorectal and breast cancer cells”. Another study, published in 2006, using a standard alcohol extract of Devil’s Club showed similar anti-proliferative results as well as “strong antioxidant activity”.

Because of its positive effect on blood sugar, diabetic patients should consult with their health professional because Devil’s Club could decrease the amount of insulin they require.


Multiple sclerosis, aggravated by blood sugar shifts

Adrenal cortex hyperfunctions

Eczema, brought on specifically by emotional crisis.

Thin subanemic levels; hyperlipidemia in general.

General preventative for hyperglycemia.


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Devil's Club

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