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  • Dandelion Root

100% Certified organic Dandelion Root




The root of this well known garden weed is an incredibly beneficial medicinal herb. Its bitter constituents make it a good digestive aid by increasing enzyme production and secretion. Dandelion Root also has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory actions but it is probably best known as a remedy for liver and gallbladder complaints. Its effective in promoting the liver’s detoxification processes so is used to protect and restore the liver and in skin and allergy conditions related to poor liver function. It is both a cholagogue and a choleretic. Or in other words increasing both bile secretion and bile production so its especially helpful in clearing obstructions from the gallbladder.  And if that’s not enough, the root of the lovely Dandelion is a good source of minerals, including potassium, phosphorus and iron as well as vitamins A and C.


Tongue with white blotchy coat.

Chronic aphthous stomatitis with acne, greasy skin, mild autotoxicity.

Jaundice- mild, with simple unobstructed hepatic dysfunction.

Hepatitis- general strengthening.

Constipation with autotoxicity, mouth sores.

Shigellosis, for lingering autotoxicity.

Acne, from moderate autotoxicity, with mouth sores (for long term use).

Gout, for the hyperuricemia.

Thin, subatomic blood with hypersensitivities.

Blood serum levels.


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Dandelion Root

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