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  • Cramp Bark

100% Certified organic Cramp Bark



This herb is used for dysmenorrheal, menorrhagia, uteral inflammation, and false labor pains.  It may also be used to help with impending cramps with miscarriage or primipara, with history of first or second trimester miscarriage.  Recent studies have proven Viburnum opulus to have a high antioxidant activity.  Dosage is cold infusion or strong decoction 3-4 ounces to 4 times/day or 30-90 drops to 4 times/day.


Cramp bark contains hydroquinones (arbutin), coumarins (scopoletin), tannins, proanthocyanidins, and poylsaccharies. It was traditionally used by the Meskwaki Native tribe for the same use it has today, cramping. It is a muscle relaxant, acting on both smooth muscles and the intestines. It can be helpful in arthritis when joint pain has caused muscles to contract, as muscles relax, blood flow is improved thus aiding the joints.


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Cramp Bark

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