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  • Comfrey Root

100% Certified organic Comfrey Root




Comfrey has always been used as a botanical form promoting tissue healing.  Its€™ tannins cause sufficient astriction to staunch bleeding but also to make it possible to withhold stitches.  It is indicated to moisten dryness, generate fluid and benefits the throat relieving coughing, constipation.  This leaf and root nourishes the blood, relieves fatigue, reduces inflammation and stops discharge and bleeding.  This pain reliever also promotes tissue repair, and reduces clotting.

Conditions of the lung, stomach and intestines presenting dryness are treated with comfrey.  The leaf may be used for ulcers in place of an antacid or for skin emollient.  Dosages are for the leaf, a standard infusion 2-6 ounces.  And for the root, cold infusion 1-4 ounces; both 3 times/day for a short term use as some cultivated strains can irritate or damage the liver.




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Comfrey Root

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