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  • Collinsonia Root

100% Certified organic Collinsonia Root


Collinsonia canadensis

Commonly known as “stone root”, this herb is one of the most valuable of indidgenous American plants.  All parts of the plant can be used but the root is the most powerful.  Collinsonia root is used for cardiovascular edema with venous stasis due to poor fat digestion.   It is also used for hemorrhoids, dull aching urination, vulvitis with pelvic congestion and uterine subinvolution with rectal symptoms that is aggravated by diet.  Dosage is recommended 45-60 drops/day.


Stone Root contains volatile oil, tannins, and saponins. It is diuretic and tonic and used mostly for the treatment of kidney stones and fluid retention. Its astringent property benefits hemorrhoids, varicose veins, and the intestines (IBS, mucous colitis).


Cardiovascular edema with venous stasis in pelvis and legs; varicose veins in legs, inner thighs, from diet or chronic poor fat digestion.

Mitral regurgitations with sense of heaviness; venous hyperemia.

Venous stasis in pelvic and legs, with dyspepsia and general GI hypofunction, rectal heaviness.

Chronic cystitis/ urethritis with dark or mucopurulent urine, strained urination.

Dyspepsia with sluggish liver and portal circulation (with Rumex crispus).

Hemorrhoids, from any venosities, especially with leg or cervical varicosities.

Orchitis/ epididymitis, with hemorrhoids only.

Uterus, congestion, with hemorrhoids or dull aching urination.

Chronic vulvitis, with pelvic congestion.

Uterine subinvolusion, with dull ache, rectal symptoms, aggravated by diet.


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Collinsonia Root

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