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100% Certified organic Cloves


Syzygium aromaticum


Studies have proven antibacterial activity of cloves in vitro against eight bacterial species by the disc diffusion method.  Dosage is recommended1:4 drops in capsule, taken with food.


Cloves are the unopened flower of the clove plant. They contain volatile oil containing eugenol, acetyl eugenol, methyl salicylate, pinene, vanillin, as well as gum and tannins. Studies have shown cloves to be strongly antiseptic, anesthetic, and antispasmodic. They have been used as a panacea in Southeast Asia, where they are native, for thousands of years. Their antiseptic property is used to treat infections such as malaria, cholera, tuberculosis, and parasites such as scabies. They relieve gas, bloating, colic, and coughs. Topically they can relieve spasms. They stimulate mind and body and have been used as an aphrodisiac and to stimulate and strengthen contractions in labor. The essential oil is possibly the most popular natural remedy for toothaches and oral infections.


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