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100% Certified organic Chapparal




The Chinese herb chapparal utilizes the medicinal purposes for anti-cancer usage.  It is contraindicated during lactation, live conditions, MAOI drugs, pre-existing kidney disease and pregnancy.  Dosage is 20-60 drops up to 3 times/day.


Chapparal contains resins and lignans, some of which have been found to harm the lymph and kidney, yet also to have antidiabetic properties. IT was used by Native Americans for stomach problems, diarrhea, toothache, respiratory issues, and skin problems. It was widely used in the US until the 1960’s for rheumatic disease, venereal infection, UTI, and cancers, especially leukemia. It was also taken for acne, eczema, sores, and rashes. It is now known to cause damage to the liver in some cases. Use only under professional supervision and do not use with history of liver disease.


Chronic biliousness with symptoms of antointoxication, sluggish liver catabolism.

Dyspepsia, aggravated by fats and proteins.

Nausea in morning, after fatty breakfast.

Steatorrhea with ileocecal irritability.

Vomiting, from fats, pastry abuse.

Eczema, with chronic poor fat digestion, dry skin.

As a bath in arthritis.

Leukorrhea, supportive to local itching and pain (with Anemopsis as a sitz bath).

Blood serum levels: SGOT, SGPT elevations with elevated bilirubin, not active hepatitis.

Nutritional malabsorption in conjunction with lipotropic therapies.

Cancer, supportive in skin cancers (externally).

Hangover, liverish, dark circles under eyes.


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