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100% Certified organic Cedar Leaf Tips


Thuja occidentalis


Cedar belongs t6o the Cypress family, cupressaceae.  It is native to northeastern parts of North America.  This slow growing plant can be used for treatment of amenorrhea, gout, chronic cough and shortness of breath.  Externally, cedar can be used for warts, fungal growth and muscular aches. Cedar leaf tips have been studied with other herbs to treat infections.  It is clinically proven as an immune system enhancer and demonstrated as so to treat for acute viral and bacterial respiratory tract infections.


White Cedar, or Arborvitae, contains thujone, coumarins, flavonoids, tannins, and polysaccharides. It was used by Native Americans for fever, headaches, cough, swollen hands, and for rheumatism. It has anti-viral activity, and is used for warts and polyps. It is used in the treatment of cancer, particularly of the uterus. It can induce menstruation, is used for cystitis and bed-wetting, and painful joints. Not to be used without professional supervision, or during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


As an eyewash for the early stage of styes.

Chronic cystitis/ urethritis with prostatitis.

Incontinence in aged males with enlarged prostate, poor bladder control.

Abscess, as a moistening agent in a stimulating poultice w/ Althea powder as a base.

Skin ulcers with fetid discharge or gangrenous lesions (fresh tincture externally).

Suppuration with necrosis, in strong individuals (externally).

Tinea corporis, tinea versicolor (fresh tincture).

Acute prostatitis, with incontinence.

Acute vulvitis, with irritation and burning.

To stimulate innate immunity.


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Moore, M.  Specific Indications for Herbs in General Use.  Southwest School of Botanical Medicine.  1997.  p. 42.






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Cedar Leaf Tips

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