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This herb is a dried ripe fruit that is traditionally used in Chinese medicine.  Arctium is a diaphoretic, and is used for treating febrile disease, adrenal cortex hyper functions from stress, eczema and chronic psoriasis, skin ulcers, gout, uterus prolapse, inflammation, and throat infections.  It is also used for blood serum level disorders such as hyperlipidemia, uric acid elevation, and acidosis.  Studies have shown that burdock root can inhibit primary human T lymphacytes and decrease gene expression of IL-2, IFN-y and NF-AT.  Other studies have shown hepatoprotective, free radical scavenging and antiproliferate activities.  Recommended dosage is 30-90 drops 3 times/day.


Burdock is one of the main detoxifying herbs used in both Chinese and Western herbal medicine. It contains bitter glycosides (arctopicrin), flavonoids (arctiin), tannins, polyacetylenes, volatine oils, inulin, and lignans. Research shows Burdock to have antibiotic, antibacterial, antifungal, diuretic, hypoglycemic, and tumor-reducing properties. The seeds have been found to be anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and hepatoprotective properties. IT helps to remove toxin in mumps and measles (seeds) and skin and arthritic conditions (roots). It is well-reputed as a skin purifier with its diuretic, antibiotic, and mildly bitter properties especially for acne, abscesses, local infections, eczema, and psoriasis. Combining with dandelion and yellow dock roots helps to eliminate waste as burdock draws out toxins.


Chronic aphthous stomatitis.

Chronic herpes.

Lipid lowering in arteriosclerosis.

Adrenal cortex hyperfunctions from stress, with elevated lipids, uric acid, blood sugars with stomach hypersecretions.

Hepatitis- general strengthening.

Lithiasis with hyperuricemia.

Acne with intestinal involvement (for long-term use).

Eczema, in general (long-term).

Eczema, endogenous, metabolic.

Chronic psoriasis, no major intestinal involvements.

Skin ulcers, chronic, indolent, with impaired circulation (long-term).

Suppuration with pyogenic membrane (external).

Gout, for the hyperuricema.

Uterus, prolapse.

Blood serum levels: cholesterol elevations.

Blood serum levels: hyperlipidemia, in general.

Blood serum levels: uric acid elevation.

Blood serum levels: acidosis, subclinical.



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