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100% Certified organic Bugleweed




This herb is used for chronic spistaxis, chronic bronchitis, hemopysis, hyperthyroidism, hematuria, and with blood serum levels, such as creatinine.  Data suggests that this herb could suppress increases glucose-induced vascular inflammatory processes.  Dosage is suggested 15-40 drops to 3 times/day.


Bugleweed contains phenolic acids (inc derivatives of caffeic, chlorogenic, and ellagic acids). Bugleweed has sedative properties and is most often used for overactive thyroid and the accompanying racing heartbeat, with research supporting this use. It is an aromatic and tonic astringent that reduces the production of mucus. Only use under professional supervision and do not take during pregnancy.


Exopthalmic goiter from long-term functional hyperthyroidism with tachycardia and mild dyspnea.

Chronic epistaxis.

Chronic bronchitis.


Tachycardia with circulatory excitement, anxiety; supportive to other measures for anxiety syndromes in chronic cardiopathies, passive capillary hemorrhage; tobacco heart; chronic dilated cardiovascular hypertrophy; palpitations after febrile infection of from hiatus hernia or gastritis.

General thyroid hyperfuction, functional exophthalmos hyperfunction.

Chronic passive hematuria.

Blood serum levels; creatinine, moderate elevation, renal cause.


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