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  • Cleavers

100% certified organic Cleavers in organic pure grain alcohol.

Galium aparine

This herb gets its name from the small hooked hairs on its leaves that cause it to cleave or cling to the clothing of anyone passing by. Cleavers is useful for treating urinary tract irritations such as cystitis and overactive bladder and even bladder stones. It provides both soothing and diuretic actions Cleavers also aids in the elimination of uric acid.

It is also a noted lymphatic cleanser and helps resolve fever, so it is often included in treatments for tonsillitis and glandular fevers. The young greens can be eaten raw or juiced and drunk as a spring cleansing tonic.

Cleavers contain iridoids, polyphenolic acids, antraquinones, alkanes, flavonoids, and tannins. It is a diuretic and detoxifier, used in skin disorders, swollen lymph nodes, and cancer. It is also used in kidney stones and other urinary problems.


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